What do you do with bleach spots on your carpet?

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Bring those Yellow bleach spots back to your carpet colour.

Answer is nothing;  well,  ‘you’ can’t do anything about bleach spots on your carpets but Choice Cleaning Services Perth can. Those bleach or colour loss spots whether they be yellow, white, orange  etc are a permanent eyesore to the owner. Usually the only option for the owner is to replace the carpet which can be  costly especially in investment properties. There are also people who can be a bit sloppy with their cleaning products. They try to clean a stain on the carpet & end up bleaching it.
This is a common problem in domestic & commercial premises where bleach or acid products are used for cleaning. With some carpets such as nylon or wool the colour loss or bleaching can be quite rapid.
So help is at hand as Choice Cleaning Services Perth has just completed the Colorful Carpets dye repair course.  It’s a fantastic method of adding the correct  dye in the correct order & say goodbye to those yellow spots.
Not all carpets can be dyed as only certain fibres have dye sites which allows dye in & there are some that don’t.  Nylon & wool are the main fibres that readily accept dyes but Berber carpet isn’t one of the them.
This is going to be a great add on to my list of cleaning services as this can save the customer 65 – 75% of replacement cost by redyeing the spots.  At the moment I’m in practice  mode trying to get everything perfect before I get out there &  start redyeing  those unsightly spots you  might have.
For all your Carpet, Upholstery & Tile & Grout cleaning needs call Wayne at Choice Cleaning Services on 0412947694.  Choice Cleaning Services  is proudly a member of the Carpet Cleaning Ass WA, fully insured with police clearance for your peace of mind.

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