Wet and Flooded Carpets need to be attended to.

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All that rain  yesterday was great for the gardens & dams but not if the water invades your home causes flooded carpets . This is what happened in this flood job this morning. This home owner did the right thing & called me in straight away to water claw the excess water from under the carpet .

A water claw is used to draw the flood water from the sub-surface  ( concrete ,  wood etc ).  I also have air movers to assist drying.  If you  leave it more than 24 hours the bacteria is already multiplying and the dreaded rotten smell will start. Once that happens it normally means replace underlay & carpets. (  more expense ).  So if you have a flooded carpet,’  DON’T DELAY “.   Call Wayne from Choice Cleaning Services on 0412947694 to stop that smell  happening.




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