Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning Perth with Choice Cleaning Services can bring all your home and office upholstery back to life with my fantastic cleaning systems.Day to day perspiration,food drinks,pet stains,bad odors and children can make your upholstered furniture look years older than it is.There are so many different fabrics out there it is essential that you get a qualified and trained technician to clean all your fabric upholstery to get the best result and to lessen any damage an untrained person can do.Depending on fabric type and soiling we can either steam clean or dry clean (encapsulation) your upholstery.When i turn up at your premises to clean your upholstery i will go through the following steps to get your fabric looking healthier and cleaner.

1. Pre-inpection check for any damage (rips or tears)

2. Complete vacuuming of upholstery to get rid of loose soil and pet hair.

3. Pre-spot and apply cleaning agent to the upholstery

4. Scrub in pre-spray to break down oils and stains

5. Extract using our truck mount upholstery cleaner to flush out all the dirt and chemical residue

6. Groom the fabric with micro fiber cloths to align and help dry upholstery


What upholstery we clean:

Lounge suites
Dining chairs
Caravan and Boat upholstery