Correct method of removing pet stains and odours in carpets & upholstery.

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Pet stain removal

The removal of pet stains  from your carpet and upholstery can be impossible if the correct method isn’t used. Locating all the stains can be even more problematic  if you don’t have the correct training and equipment. Most urine stains show up as yellow, brown areas but won’t show  on some dark coloured carpets such as brown. You know it’s there because you can smell the ammonia but you can’t find it, thats where we come in.

We have black uv lights, moisture meters ( urine never dries out ), the correct chemicals and the sub-surface tools to remove the offending urine. Just a quick explanation; urine starts as a mild uric acid but within 72 hours it has turned into an alkili salt. These alkili salts are sticky so dirt will readily stick to these stains,this is why the salts need to be flushed out. Also, on a humid day or when the carpet gets wet the alkili salts will suck in moisture and start out gassing that horrid amonia smell.

If the stain is the size of a small plate on top of the carpet, it will be a lot larger in your subfloor, underlay, wood or concrete. This is because when your pet goes gravity comes into play and it spreads underneath your carpet. So by someone saying that  cleaning the carpet or trying to remedy the issue yourself just won’t fix the problem.

Being a member of the Carpet Cleaning Assoc W.A, we are all trained to the Australian standard. This means a professional job and your not risking your precious carpet and upholstery with a untrained technician. We also get to try the lastest chemicals and equipment at our regular workshops to provide the best cleaning result.

There is a new product out now that does a great job and leaves a very pleasant odour as compared to other treatments. The staining from urine on wool carpet is almost impossible to remove as compared to nylons, acrylics because the ammonia in the urine will burn the wool fibre and leave a yellow or orange stain.

If there is one urine stain on the carpet, there is usually other ones around the house as well. So finding them all is so important because if you miss just one, guess what? you will still smell it. If they are left there and not treated it becomes a health issue as the bacteria will continue to multiply. The correct method is  to flood  area with the urine remover,add  dwell time and extract with a sub-surface extractor.  Other methods are no where as effective and the next humid day it will start to smell again.

So call your qualified professional Wayne on 0412947694 or check my web site 


The  dont’s of dog urine removal. 

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