Quick dry carpet cleaning encapsulation.

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For quick drying carpet  in winter isn’t a problem with choice cleaning services with my low moisture carpet cleaning. Here is a brief discription of how we preform this service. Our company always works to the Australian standard.

We only use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter which filters even the most finest dust particles.We also vacum all  skirting edges.  This is one of the most important stages of the cleaning service. It’s been proven that 80% of dirt in your carpet is dry soiling. If you don’t remove the bulk of the dry soil it will turn into a liquid slurry which is alot harder to remove.

When we pre-treat the stains it starts the cleaning process off as some stains need more attention than others.  We then  gently scrub the encapsulation mixture into the carpet fiber with a rotary scrubber using  micro-fibre pads.  Next we groom the carpet to align fibres and assist drying times. All you need to do is to vacum your carpet after 24 hours or your next vacum day.

Getting carpets dry quickly in winter is important especially if the customer needs to use the cleaned room the same day. Great results even on badly stained carpets. Very good on commercial carpets with dry times  3-6 hours.

Call the qualified professional, Wayne at Choice cleaning services on 0412947694. Current committee member of the carpet cleaning ass WA. Fully trained and insured with a police clearance.


Encapsulation, quick dry carpet cleaning in winter isn’t a problem with Choice Cleaning Services


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