Getting your bond money back from carpet cleaning in rentals.

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My qualification from Daniels Associates

Getting your hard earned bond money back from landlords can be more assured if you get a qualified carpet cleaner. When I mean  qualified, it means the technician has got industry recognised qualifications and competent in all aspects of carpet cleaning.

This can assure the customer that they will get a trained professional that can get the best result possible.

I am currently a committee member of the Carpet Cleaning ass WA and we are all trained to the Australian standard ( 3733 ) which basically means there is a eight stage process to cleaning carpet. If they follow these steps you can be certain of a great cleaning job and a very satisfied customer.

Call Wayne on 0412947694 to see an amazing result.

There are countless stories of people going for the cheapest price and ending up having to have it re-cleaned at a extra cost to them.  The cheapest price usually results in a sub-standard outcome as they will be cutting corners in some way eg, cheaper chemicals & equipment.

Here is a little check list in looking for a decent carpet cleaner.

1. Technicians that are TRAINED by a recognised organisation to clean to Australian Standard 3733
2. The ability to remove most soiling and stains from carpets – given that some stains/fibre damage can be
3. Offer a range of services (e.g. carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, specialist spot and stain
treatments, carpet repairs, re-stretching, colour corrections etc)
4. Is reliable, punctual and communicates well – able to clearly explain how they will clean and why they will do it
that particular way.
5. Clear and transparent pricing.
6. Guarantees their work. Within a reasonable period, if the results of the clean are not as expected, the cleaner
should return and re-clean at no additional charge.
The Top 5 things to look for in a cleaned carpet?
1. Carpet has been thoroughly pre-vacuumed
2. A significant overall improvement in appearance
3. Most spots and marks removed – some may be permanent fibre damage or colour changes
4. Dry within 24 hours at the longest – and normally sooner, depending on certain variables
5. No lingering unpleasant odours, although wool fibres may release natural odours until dry

Call Wayne on 0412947694

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