The best Carpet Cleaning in Midland

Have your floor cleaned with the best carpet cleaner in the  Midland area with Choice Cleaning Services. We are a local family business based in High Wycombe  so we can provide a more personalised service which large companies can’t.

Being a member of the CCAWA & fully qualified you can be assured of a quality professional  job. I also have a 100% money back guarantee along with a police clearance for your peace of mind.  As the photo shows we have just installed a brand new state of the art Prochem Truck mounted steam cleaning unit to get all your carpets looking even better & drier. We also  steam & encapsulate ( low moisture ) clean tile & grout &  upholstery all to the Australian standard. The amount of heat & suction that my new Prochem engine can produce is amazing with  the stains & grime just disappearing before your eyes. So  get your carpets looking cleaner & healthier by calling Wayne on 0412947694 to see the difference. 

What do you do with bleach spots on your carpet?

Bring those Yellow bleach spots back to your carpet colour.

Answer is nothing;  well,  ‘you’ can’t do anything about bleach spots on your carpets but Choice Cleaning Services Perth can. Those bleach or colour loss spots whether they be yellow, white, orange  etc are a permanent eyesore to the owner. Usually the only option for the owner is to replace the carpet which can be  costly especially in investment properties. There are also people who can be a bit sloppy with their cleaning products. They try to clean a stain on the carpet & end up bleaching it.
This is a common problem in domestic & commercial premises where bleach or acid products are used for cleaning. With some carpets such as nylon or wool the colour loss or bleaching can be quite rapid.
So help is at hand as Choice Cleaning Services Perth has just completed the Colorful Carpets dye repair course.  It’s a fantastic method of adding the correct  dye in the correct order & say goodbye to those yellow spots.
Not all carpets can be dyed as only certain fibres have dye sites which allows dye in & there are some that don’t.  Nylon & wool are the main fibres that readily accept dyes but Berber carpet isn’t one of the them.
This is going to be a great add on to my list of cleaning services as this can save the customer 65 – 75% of replacement cost by redyeing the spots.  At the moment I’m in practice  mode trying to get everything perfect before I get out there &  start redyeing  those unsightly spots you  might have.
For all your Carpet, Upholstery & Tile & Grout cleaning needs call Wayne at Choice Cleaning Services on 0412947694.  Choice Cleaning Services  is proudly a member of the Carpet Cleaning Ass WA, fully insured with police clearance for your peace of mind.

Correct method of removing pet stains and odours in carpets & upholstery.

Pet urine stain removal on carpet

Pet stain removal

The removal of pet stains  from your carpet and upholstery can be impossible if the correct method isn’t used. Locating all the stains can be even more problematic  if you don’t have the correct training and equipment. Most urine stains show up as yellow, brown areas but won’t show  on some dark coloured carpets such as brown. You know it’s there because you can smell the ammonia but you can’t find it, thats where we come in.

We have black uv lights, moisture meters ( urine never dries out ), the correct chemicals and the sub-surface tools to remove the offending urine. Just a quick explanation; urine starts as a mild uric acid but within 72 hours it has turned into an alkili salt. These alkili salts are sticky so dirt will readily stick to these stains,this is why the salts need to be flushed out. Also, on a humid day or when the carpet gets wet the alkili salts will suck in moisture and start out gassing that horrid amonia smell.

If the stain is the size of a small plate on top of the carpet, it will be a lot larger in your subfloor, underlay, wood or concrete. This is because when your pet goes gravity comes into play and it spreads underneath your carpet. So by someone saying that  cleaning the carpet or trying to remedy the issue yourself just won’t fix the problem.

Being a member of the Carpet Cleaning Assoc W.A, we are all trained to the Australian standard. This means a professional job and your not risking your precious carpet and upholstery with a untrained technician. We also get to try the lastest chemicals and equipment at our regular workshops to provide the best cleaning result.

There is a new product out now that does a great job and leaves a very pleasant odour as compared to other treatments. The staining from urine on wool carpet is almost impossible to remove as compared to nylons, acrylics because the ammonia in the urine will burn the wool fibre and leave a yellow or orange stain.

If there is one urine stain on the carpet, there is usually other ones around the house as well. So finding them all is so important because if you miss just one, guess what? you will still smell it. If they are left there and not treated it becomes a health issue as the bacteria will continue to multiply. The correct method is  to flood  area with the urine remover,add  dwell time and extract with a sub-surface extractor.  Other methods are no where as effective and the next humid day it will start to smell again.

So call your qualified professional Wayne on 0412947694 or check my web site 


The  dont’s of dog urine removal. 

Getting your bond money back from carpet cleaning in rentals.

My qualification from Daniels Associates

Getting your hard earned bond money back from landlords can be more assured if you get a qualified carpet cleaner. When I mean  qualified, it means the technician has got industry recognised qualifications and competent in all aspects of carpet cleaning.

This can assure the customer that they will get a trained professional that can get the best result possible.

I am currently a committee member of the Carpet Cleaning ass WA and we are all trained to the Australian standard ( 3733 ) which basically means there is a eight stage process to cleaning carpet. If they follow these steps you can be certain of a great cleaning job and a very satisfied customer.

Call Wayne on 0412947694 to see an amazing result.

There are countless stories of people going for the cheapest price and ending up having to have it re-cleaned at a extra cost to them.  The cheapest price usually results in a sub-standard outcome as they will be cutting corners in some way eg, cheaper chemicals & equipment.

Here is a little check list in looking for a decent carpet cleaner.

1. Technicians that are TRAINED by a recognised organisation to clean to Australian Standard 3733
2. The ability to remove most soiling and stains from carpets – given that some stains/fibre damage can be
3. Offer a range of services (e.g. carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, specialist spot and stain
treatments, carpet repairs, re-stretching, colour corrections etc)
4. Is reliable, punctual and communicates well – able to clearly explain how they will clean and why they will do it
that particular way.
5. Clear and transparent pricing.
6. Guarantees their work. Within a reasonable period, if the results of the clean are not as expected, the cleaner
should return and re-clean at no additional charge.
The Top 5 things to look for in a cleaned carpet?
1. Carpet has been thoroughly pre-vacuumed
2. A significant overall improvement in appearance
3. Most spots and marks removed – some may be permanent fibre damage or colour changes
4. Dry within 24 hours at the longest – and normally sooner, depending on certain variables
5. No lingering unpleasant odours, although wool fibres may release natural odours until dry

Call Wayne on 0412947694

The new Bonzer steam cleaning carpet and tile cleaning machine

The new Bonzer

The Bonzer

Introducing the new Bonzer carpet steam cleaning tool from the USA, my lastest weapon in my armory to improve my carpet cleaning service  . This is a totally different way of steam cleaning your carpets for a couple of good reasons.

A normal cleaning wand has around four jets in a line and a vacum slot following to extract  moisture and dirt. The new Bonzer has seven jets at different angles front and back and more importantly of all is surrounded by vacum slots.

This means that the Bonzer can steam clean your carpets in a forward and backward motion and always have the vacum following it. Because the spray jets and vacum are encapsulated under the manifold the heat, suction and cleaning power is amazing. This is the secret of the new Bonzer the heat it generates- more heat = more stains removed.

,What this all means to you the customer is that your carpets will be cleaned better and dried faster than ever before. The Bonzer even has a clear sight tube to see what soiling  is being removed from your carpet.

Being a member of the > Carpet Cleaning ass WA < you can be assured of a professional job. Our comprehensive training, working to the Australian standard, being fully insured and a police clearance for your piece of mind.

We can also take care of all your upholstery and tile and grout cleaning needs as well. So call Wayne, your local family run business on 0412947694 to see the difference today.


The Bonzer facts

Wet and Flooded Carpets need to be attended to.

flooded carpets

All that rain  yesterday was great for the gardens & dams but not if the water invades your home causes flooded carpets . This is what happened in this flood job this morning. This home owner did the right thing & called me in straight away to water claw the excess water from under the carpet .

A water claw is used to draw the flood water from the sub-surface  ( concrete ,  wood etc ).  I also have air movers to assist drying.  If you  leave it more than 24 hours the bacteria is already multiplying and the dreaded rotten smell will start. Once that happens it normally means replace underlay & carpets. (  more expense ).  So if you have a flooded carpet,’  DON’T DELAY “.   Call Wayne from Choice Cleaning Services on 0412947694 to stop that smell  happening.



Commercial Carpet cleaning at a Kalamunda school classroom.

Commercial carpet cleaning available as well as domestic.  This video shows Choice cleaning services cleaning a primary school classroom carpet in a Kalamunda school.

Schools get alot more foot traffic than domestic situations so they need 6 to 12 monthly cleans. Choice cleaning services offers both Truck – Mounted steam cleaning and Encapsulation cleaning ( low moisture ). We also provide Upholstery and Tile & Grout cleaning.

So call Wayne on 0412947694 for a free quote on your business or home to see the difference Choice Cleaning services can make to your floors and furnishings.


Quick dry carpet cleaning encapsulation.

For quick drying carpet  in winter isn’t a problem with choice cleaning services with my low moisture carpet cleaning. Here is a brief discription of how we preform this service. Our company always works to the Australian standard.

We only use a powerful upright vacuum cleaner with a Hepa filter which filters even the most finest dust particles.We also vacum all  skirting edges.  This is one of the most important stages of the cleaning service. It’s been proven that 80% of dirt in your carpet is dry soiling. If you don’t remove the bulk of the dry soil it will turn into a liquid slurry which is alot harder to remove.

When we pre-treat the stains it starts the cleaning process off as some stains need more attention than others.  We then  gently scrub the encapsulation mixture into the carpet fiber with a rotary scrubber using  micro-fibre pads.  Next we groom the carpet to align fibres and assist drying times. All you need to do is to vacum your carpet after 24 hours or your next vacum day.

Getting carpets dry quickly in winter is important especially if the customer needs to use the cleaned room the same day. Great results even on badly stained carpets. Very good on commercial carpets with dry times  3-6 hours.

Call the qualified professional, Wayne at Choice cleaning services on 0412947694. Current committee member of the carpet cleaning ass WA. Fully trained and insured with a police clearance.


Encapsulation, quick dry carpet cleaning in winter isn’t a problem with Choice Cleaning Services


Wanting a good carpet cleaner in High Wycombe

It’s winter & your carpets need cleaning, no problem call Wayne at Choice Cleaning Services in High Wycombe. My low moisture Carpet cleaning & Upholstery cleaning  (Encapulation)  can get great results & good drying times even in the middle of winter. Call 0412947694 for all your Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning and Tile & Grout cleaning needs. Kalamunda Shire or anywhere. Current committee member of the Carpet cleaning ass W.A. Fully qualified, insured with police clearance.

Half way.

Wanting a good Carpet Cleaner in Kalamunda shire.

Most carpeted rooms have a traffic area that is more dirty than the rest of the room. This is more evident in a bedroom around the bed as these before and after photos show in a Kalamunda rental house. I see alot worse than this on a regular basis as people leave it too long to get them cleaned.  With the correct carpet cleaning equipment and method which includes a agitating machine I can get great results in bringing your dirty traffic areas back to life.  I offer truck-mount carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning as well as upholstery and tile and grout cleaning.  Based in High Wycombe, I cover most suburbs but mainly the Kalamunda shire and Hills. I’m fully qualified and insured as well as a committee member of the Carpet Cleaning Ass W.A. Call Wayne on 0412947694